Car agency

You are planning to sell your valuable classic car, your sports car or an entire collection of cars?

I would be pleased to help you with this matter! You can benefit from my extensive experience and my good international contacts. Helping you to convey your car to me is a complete matter of trust between me and you.

Most of the vehicles are offered for sale at the heavily frequented location Classic Remise, earlier known as Meilenwerk in Düsseldorf. Here high-class cars are offered in a direct, individual and personal fashion to selected customers. In this regard discrection is our top priority.

The processing of the business operations is highly professional. My part is to be an active adviser, who stands entirely neutral between the provider and the interested party.

List of prices

(Valid since 01.07.2022)

One-time delivery / inspection fee: 100.00 euros + VAT 

  • Monthly service fee: EUR 350.00 + VAT
  • Transport costs: 1.50 euros per kilometer + VAT
  • Vehicle preparations are outsourced. The prices here vary depending on the time and effort of the vehicle preparation.
  • The following percentages apply to the brokerage of vehicles (minimum commission 5.000 euros + VAT):
Vehicle value up to:
Vehicle value up to: 
Vehicle value up to: 
Vehicle value above: 
100.000 euros:
500.000 euros:
1.000.000 euros:
1.000.000 euros:
12% (+ VAT)
8% (+ VAT)
6% (+ VAT)
5% (+ VAT)